5cent aims to empower the collective value of the five-cent coin. Since 2012, we have collected 7.9 million five-cent coins

With over $150 million worth of five-cent coins in circulation, together we can make a big difference

Change a life by collecting and donating your five-cent coins throughout the month of May

A handful of coins can change a life


A handful of coins can change a life. All it takes is 115 five-cent coins. There’s over $150 million of five-cent coins in circulation. With your help, we can give someone a better income, better education or better health. #CHANGEFORCHANGE

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Get Involved. Collect your five-cent coins. Bank before June 30.



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Take the Pledge and donate 5% of your income from May. All it takes is $5.75 to change a life.



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Partner With Us

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