The first day of day care can be tough for both the mum and the toddler. You can expect your child to cry on the very first day and it is quiet normal. As time passes by your child might become adjusted and next time would not even look back when you wave them goodbye. However there are certain ways in which you can ensure that everything turns out smoothly.

Tips from the experts at child care centre Rosebud

  • Once you have decided upon the day care where you want to send your child make sure you ask them for a schedule. When you have it in hand you should start implementing the same routine as in your home as well. Following the routine before hand would help your child to make the transition in an easier way. If the child care only allows naps during the afternoon you should take a few days to wean your child from their morning nap this would help settle them into the routine of afternoon napping and therefore make them feel comfortable at the day care.
  • Make it a point to visit the day care at least more than once and take your toddler along with you. This would allow them to get familiar with the facility and they would also play with the children and the toys over there. When the time comes for them to attend the day care they will be familiar with the routine and the setup. As parents you should make sure that your child becomes increasingly familiar with the day care and this would also make the transition much easier.
  • Have some play dates in your home so that your children become more involved in group activities. Have other children their age come over to your place maybe even for an hour or so that the children get used to playing with their peers. This would also have developed some social skills and get them used to having other children around them.
  • If possible try leaving your child with their grandparents or with their aunts and uncles so that they are away from you for a while. This will help develop their confidence so when it comes time to start the day care they would be comfortable with their caregivers as well.
  • Start with a part time routine at the day care. For example you can start off by leaving your child for around half an hour and slowly increasing the time to the full day.
  • Always drop off and pick up your child at the same time for a few days so that the children know that you would be there for them once they are done. This would not only assure your child but also build trust in them that you are not leaving them there for a long time.

Keeping these above mentioned tips in mind would help your child transition into Rosebud Early Learning and Childcare much easier.


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