Opting for one or another kindergarten is an important decision. Leaving a baby in the hands of people that parents do not always know it is a tough decision, but they will be much calmer if the centre they choose, offers all the guarantees and provides the confidence they need to be sure that their child will receive care, education and the attention it requires.

In addition to assessing all the circumstances to choose the baby’s kindergarten, it is certain that what most worries parents is that their child is in the right place and attended by qualified people who know how to take care of him. In their search for kindergarten, they should look both at the facilities that the centre has, as well as at the staff and in the program of activities it offers (especially when talking about “older” babies). Although the baby is only a few months old, they should keep in mind that the baby will grow and that the ideal is that this first stage, prior to schooling, happens in the same centre.


Make a first general assessment by looking at the different rooms and the space available per child, which should range between 2.5m2 and 4m2. Visit the different dependencies. A good kindergarten must have separate spaces: dining room, differentiated classrooms for each age group of children, nap rooms, adapted bathrooms, changing room area.

Having an outdoor patio or garden in the kindergarten is also important for babies to enjoy outdoors when the weather allows. Also, the dining room is one of the key facilities. In it, everything must be tailored to the smallest, complying with all hygiene and safety standards. A kindergarten that has its own kitchen, where to prepare balanced menus adapted to each stage of growth, is always preferable to another that offers catering menus.

Of course, in the visit, assess general aspects such as cleaning, adequate temperature, the condition of furniture or toys and also safety elements such as plug protectors, railings, door stops, etc.

Personnel and activities

It is, without a doubt, the most important thing in any kindergarten. Find out about the qualification of the staff that cares for the children and about the number of caregivers per child. Talk to them and ask them all the questions, for example, what they should do if a child gets sick or suffers a mishap.

Also, it is important to evaluate the set of activities that they carry out during the day: games, songs, stories, knowing the first letters, early stimulation exercise. Parents must know what their little one will do almost at every moment, so they will confirm that he is phenomenally taken care of and parents will feel much calmer.

Kindergarten is a sensitive issue in early childhood education. Any parent will know the stress it feels when leaving a child for the first time in kindergarten. However, it is a normal process that must be passed. Not only do parents have a bad time, it can also be a difficult time for children. For this reason, it is essential to work on adapting the baby in the kindergarten. It is highly recommended that the child sees that going to kindergarten is not so different from what he does at home. Sending your child to your local kindergarten in Kenmore will help with a smooth transition from being at home to going to an elementary school.


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